Four parties to form coalition in Brabant

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BBB, VVD, PvdA and GroenLinks are going to try to forge a coalition together in North Brabant. That combination has the best chance of success for now, according to scout Sacha Ausems.

Ausems came up with her advice Wednesday evening. After the Provincial Council elections in March, the mayor of Waalwijk was appointed to investigate what coalition possibilities there are in Brabant. This was done on the recommendation of the BBB, the big winner during the elections.


According to Ausems, BBB, VVD and the two left-wing parties together occupy 29 of the 55 seats in Provincial Council. Local Brabant is mentioned as a possible addition to these four, which would bring the intended coalition to 31 seats.

In recent weeks, Ausems held talks with all fifteen parties. In these talks, the focus was on ideals and motives of the groups as well as on the substantive party programs. During these talks, most parties indicated that they were in favor of a broad middle coalition, with right-wing and left-wing parties.


With the delivery of her advice, Ausems’ task is over. She will now hand over the baton to Pieter Verhoeve, mayor of Gouda, who has been appointed by the BBB as formateur. He must now get the four intended coalition parties to align.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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