Frikandel factory wins congeniality contest

Van Lieshout Snacks
Photo credit: Omroep Brabant (Nelleke Arnout)

There is a winner: Van Lieshout Snackwaren in Helmond is the friendliest workplace in Brabant. The factory, which mainly makes frikandels, gets to hold the title for a year.

The competition was organised by the radio division of Omroep Brabant. Any company in our province could enter. This was done en masse. During the Week of the Workplace last week, eight finalists were visited by a mystery guest who went to see how pleasant it really was at those companies.

At Van Lieshout, cosiness (and not fat) drips off the walls. The radio is loud and Omroep Brabant is blaring just above the big machines. Despite the noise, you can see that people along the production line and in the halls are having a good time together.

Conijn and De Haas

Jokes are exchanged with gestures and smiles at Van Lieshout. Quality controller Robert Conijn gives a tour. “We have to go to the packing line, that’s where Mrs de Haas works,” he says. She has been working there for more than 30 years. He walks up to her and with a roguish smile they greet each other. Like seeks like*.

Anja, another worker on the packing line, has been with te firm for 32 years. “That says something about the sociability. We can have great fun together, but if there is a pronblem, we discuss it and take the time to do so.

Snacks at a discount

At Van Lieshout, people not only make and taste frikandells but also buy them: there is a staff shop where everyone can buy snacks at a discount. And to work off those calories, employees get a discount on a sports subscription. On special (festive) days, staff get extra treats: at Christmas, everyone received a croquette Christmas decoration and for Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of Ramadan, goodies are handed out, too.

Van Lieshout was presented with the award for Congeniality Company by Jordy Graat at noon last Friday. The award came with a sumptuous lunch for everyone who was working at the time.

The other finalists were Aces Tilburg (IT supplier), Den Doorn Totaalinstallaties from Giessen (installation company), Den Boer Schoenmode in Bergen op Zoom (shoe store), Jumbo in Raamsdonkveer (supermarket), Driessen Groep in Helmond (staffing), Medapp in Eindhoven (IT supplier) and Social Deal in Den Bosch (events discounter).

* Conijn is an older spelling of konijn, rabbit. Haas means hare. Hence the pun

.Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Martijn


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