Elderly Appèl: ‘Scan car unfairly fines disabled cars’

The Municipality of Eindhoven is very happy with the scan car that automatically issues parking tickets. Last year, thanks to the driving fine machine, sixteen per cent more fines were issued. According to Elderly Appèl Hart for Eindhoven (OAHvE), the technique also has a disadvantage.

According to OAHvE, residents with a Disabled Parking Card (GPK) regularly fall victim to automatic car scanning. The group reports this in council questions. People who use a GPK  regularly be wrongly fined, they claim because the scan car does not notice the disabled parking ticket that is under the windscreen.

People who are wrongly fined as a result often have to submit a notice of objection, but due to circumstances this does not always happen within the statutory period of six weeks. As a result, residents who suffer from this do not always get their money back.

Fined four times

OAHvE cites an example of a person who was wrongly fined four times for parking his in front of his own home. His fine, however, was not reimbursed three times because the objection was submitted too late.

Elderly Appèl therefore wants to know whether enforcers always check whether there is a GPK under the windscreen when a car owner is fined, and if so, why a resident with a disability card was wrongly fined four times.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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