Dijsselbloem and the three knights

Fourteen Eindhoven citizens received a decoration in this year’s ‘lintjesregen’. Three got a medal in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. Mayor Dijsselbloem awarded those in the Parktheater on Wednesday morning. 

Mimoun El Boujjoufi receives his decoration for his work promoting Taekwondo in Eindhoven and his work for the Dutch Taekwondo Association. “His efforts and competences contribute hugely to the quality and the organisation of Taekwondo in The Netherlands and the promotion and representation of the sport”. El Boujjoufi has made this contribution voluntarily since 2003 which merits his decoration as Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

Eindhoven News

Another person to receive this award is Irene Martens. Together with a few others, Martens took the initiative to found Eindhoven News. As our readers know, this media website for internationals in the region – immigrants, expats, refugees- brings the news of the region in English. During the Covid pandemic, Eindhoven News was an important source of information for international Eindhoven citizens.

Irene Martens receives her medal from Mayor
Irene Martens receives her medal from Mayor Dijsselbloem Photo Credit: Chaitali Sengupta

“To ensure a daily supply of local news, Irene Martens formed partnerships with local media such as Studio040 and Omroep Brabant, as well as the Eindhoven municipality and companies employing internationals, such as Philiops and ASML. The number of readers who turned to EindhovenNews for their information grew steadily, and she also managed to engage a sizeable pool of volunteers from those circles, the municipality says.

Veteran House

Roy Meelhuysen was the third one to become Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. Meelhuysen worked for the veterans in the region when he reitered from service in the Royal Dutch Army. He became chairperson of the Veterans Barabant South-East Foundation. His efforts also ensured the opening of Veteran House, a place where veterans can congregate.

This house is now an important facility for veterans in Eindhoven and the blueprint for such facilities elewhere in the country.


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