BBB “Countryside should benefit from Brainport’s growth”

BBB wants to involve the countryside in Brainport's growth
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Rural municipalities must be more involved in the growth and opportunities of the high-tech Brainport region. This is the view of BBB (farmers and burghers party) in Brabant, the largest party in the Provincial Council.

According to party chairman John Frenken, the small municipalities around Eindhoven are insufficiently involved in the economic success story of the high-tech region. “The small municipalities contribute to this growth, but do not see the benefits. We have to change that in the coming years”.

The BBB foreman points to public transport, among other things. “The eyes are focused on the cities, but facilities must also be easily accessible for the small municipalities”.

Building in countryside
D66 (democrats) does not go along with BBB’s story. “I don’t like involving the countryside more in Brainport’s tasks when it comes to the growth of the region. Because what does that mean? That we will also build in the countryside? I don’t think that’s desirable”, party chairman, Matthijs van Miltenburg, says. He also finds the signals from BBB contradictory. “BBB is in favour of houses in the countryside, but windmills and solar energy fields are not allowed”.

Frenken likes to see housing in the villages. So not only extra houses in the city, but also in the countryside. “Many more houses can be built, also in the small municipalities in the Eindhoven region. That need not have any consequences for the character of the villages”.

BBB can count on little support from D66. This is different with the VVD (people’s party for freedom and democracy). “Many young people would like to live in their own village. We have to make that possible,” VVD Member of Parliament, Roel Grem, says. GroenLinks (green left party) emphasises that construction will mainly have to take place in the city. “We especially want more homes to be built within the existing built-up areas. So that means going up if possible”.

At the moment, scout Sacha Aussems is investigating the possibilities for a new coalition at the Brabant provincial house. BBB became the largest party during the elections last month, followed by the VVD.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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