ASML adds name to ‘Omloop der Kempen’ road cycling race

Road cycling race Photo credit Nathan Doza Wikimedia

ASML has linked its name to road cycling race weekend “Omloop der Kempen’. The Veldhoven chipsmachine manufacturer will not only become a sponsor, but also a social partner of the international cycling event. 

As a partner, ASML will join forces with the cycling organisation to support the community of Veldhoven and De Kempen. The organisers of the cycling weekend are delighted with the cooperation.

“This year will see the 74th edition of the ‘Omloop der Kempen’, and sponsors are vital to its continuation. We are extremely proud to have another international corporation ally itself with the cycling weekend. We are also happy that ASML is not only committed to the athletic side of the event, but also wishes to make a contribution to the social side. This will help make Veldhoven and De Kempen a pleasant and sports-friendly environment for everyone”, says Frank van der Meijden, chairman of the ‘Omloop der Kempen’.

Struggling families

One aim of the new partnership is to develop activities for struggling families. An inventory of the local needs is being drawn up, which will lead to suitable plans to be realised.

Apart from those joint social activities, there is of course the core activity: cycling. Saturday May 20 en Sunday May 21 are the dates to remeber for the ASML Cycling Weekend Omloop der Kempen

Translator: Greta

Source: Studio040


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