VDL experiences enormous growth

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2022 was a very good year for VDL with a turnover of 5.75 billion euros. The business grew rapidly in three of its four divisions – supplies, buses and finished products – and the fourth division – car assembly – also grew slightly. Overall, the Eindhoven-based company’s revenue grew by 16 per cent.

The Van der Leegte family business achieved a huge turnover of 5.75 billion, compared to the 4.99 billion euros in the previous year. In addition, the company’s profit grew to 298 million euros; the year before it was 225 million. The number of employees of the company also increased, by six percent. 940 employees were added, bringing the total number of employees to more than 16,500.

The resounding figures came in a year in which VDL faced various challenges. For example, the business was confronted with staff and material shortages and geopolitical events that disrupted its supply chain.

VDL Nedcar

The VDL Nedcar assembly plant in Born, the second biggest division, did grow by two percent but production lagged behind due to shortages in materials. A quarter of production had to be scrapped in 2022. Nevertheless, some 102,000 vehicles were still produced in Limburg – a few thousand less than in 2021.

Besides the Russian invasion of Ukraine, VDL also mentions the American Inflation Reduction Act: a protectionist measure that played a disruptive role in the growth of the company’s car assembly department. According to VDL, potential customers for VDL became hesitant in 2022.


Nevertheless, VDL looks back on 2022 with satisfaction. “The overall growth in 2022 confirms that our substantial and long-term investments in innovation are clearly having an effect,” says VDL director Willem van der Leegte. VDL announced it invested 246 million euros in buildings and equipment and 170 million euros in research and development in 2022.

Ambitious agenda

VDL expects to achieve resounding figures for 2023 also. The company expects to experience growth of between 5 and 10 per cent. “This year, it is expected that the annual turnover will exceed six billion euros. The investment agenda of VDL Groep for the current year is even more ambitious than that of the last year. The over 100 VDL companies are expected to invest a total of approximately 300 million euros in buildings and equipment”, says the Eindhoven-based company.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn


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