This is what you can do in the Eindhoven region during carnival

Carnival after three years, with fewer floats
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Just over a week and then carnival will start again. There are plenty of parties and parades planned in the Eindhoven region, so here is a schedule of some of the expected events taking place: 


Just like last year, there are large tents on three squares in Eindhoven. The Bavaria Bierhal is located on Stadhuisplein. A different activity takes place here every day, including three hours of Weijer, mini tie children’s carnival and stepping.

There is also a tent on the Markt. Every day, artists such as Lamme Frans, Monique Smit and Vieze Jack take the stage here. The tent is especially popular among the youth. The third tent is on the Wilhelminaplein. This is mainly for the public who are fans of the more traditional Eindhoven carnival.

The grand parade of Lampegat is on February 18. This starts at 12:41 with the children’s running groups.


In Mierlo there are two carnival associations that provide a full program. CV De Kersepit organizes four evenings with performances in café De Koffer. There is a children’s carnival on Sunday and Monday afternoon.

CV De Spruwwejagers also provides a multi-day programme. Various artists, including Jan Biggel and Geen Stempel will perform in ‘t Mierles Huukske. On Monday morning you can hang out with an egg sandwich. To conclude, they organize an evening eating herring on Saturday 25 February.

The big parade of Mierlo is on Carnival Saturday. This time the motto of the parade is: Wai dreije wir!


Also in Geldrop there is no sitting still during carnival. Carnival starts there on Friday afternoon with music by DJ Roel.

On Saturday and Sunday evening, various artists will perform at Heerenhuys 23. Monday afternoon it’s time to pull out the farmer’s smock. Then there is a farmer’s smock afternoon.

The Geldrop parade can be seen on Sunday afternoon.


In Waalre they start early. Friday morning at 08:30 Youth Prince Levi and Prince Giel will visit various schools in Aalst, Waalre and Veldhoven. In the evening, Prince Giel and Erik d’n twidde will tap the first keg of Dommelsch Carnival beer during the twinning of Keiengat and Bremspoersengat.

On Sunday afternoon there is a masquerade ball and on Monday evening various mop orchestras will perform in the Oude Toren. The big parade of Waalre is on Saturday. Afterwards there will be music in the Oude Toren.


Nuenen caters for all ages. The senior carnival ball will start on Friday afternoon. People over 50 are welcome to enjoy live music, singing and dancing.

For the children there is a children’s carnival in the monastery on Saturday and Monday afternoon. There is also plenty to do for teenagers. A five-day teenage carnival is organized in the Residence.

After two years of no parade due to corona, it will continue this year. That’s on Sunday afternoon.


In Veldhoven, carnival celebrations start on Friday evening with the real sing-along during Echt Veldhovenz Luidkeels. The children’s parade is on Saturday. After the procession, the key to the city is handed over.

The grand parade of Rommelgat can be seen on Sunday. The key to the city will be returned on Tuesday evening.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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