Newcomers celebrate carnival for the first time: ‘Alcohol and costumes, this is fun’

Picture credit- Studio 040

Many partygoers have been spoon-fed carnival. How different is that for new residents in the region, such as internationals Kavya and Srilakshmi, who are from India and are celebrating carnival for the first time? 

Feel the Dutch culture

The two women made a round through the Eindhoven city centre this weekend. “We don’t have this in India. I like the party, although the music is sometimes loud,” Kavya gushes. “The costumes and the alcohol. Everyone can be themselves here. I like that,” adds Srilakshmi.


“Everyone participates, from young to old. I see children but also people over the age of sixty. That makes it nice to see,” Kavya notes. Srilakshmi: “This is part of Dutch culture. I’ve been here for six months now. So I want to experience it”.

The two new carnival celebrators want to be there again next year. “Everyone is so friendly. We feel welcome. Carnival is great to be with.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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