Fraud at Veldhoven notary office: ‘accountant embezzled millions’

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An accountant has embezzled millions of euros from a Veldhoven notary office, Eindhoven Dagblad reports. For years, the Nuenen advisor and owner of the bankrupt Golfplaza chain, transferred more than three million euros from Notarishuys to his own accounts.

This former bookkeeper and administrator of Notarishuys Veldhoven used the so-called third-party account as a money tap for years. For fourteen years, the now 53-year-old entrepreneur and financial advisor from Nuenen was able to go about his business undisturbed. He drove expensive Porsches and other luxury vehicles, and took over a chain of golf stores, Eindhovens Dagblad knows. Until last summer the alarm bells went off at Rabobank. Thereafter the bank informed the notary’s office.

Pyramid scheme

Between 2008 and August 2022, the accountant systematically embezzled money. He worked as an administrator for the notary office on Dorpstraat in Veldhoven and also ran his own financial consultancy company in Eindhoven. It started with small amounts. Those amounts increased and in 2020 really large sums disappeared. In that year the Nuenenaar took over Golfplaza, an Eindhoven chain of golf stores that went bankrupt later.

In total, the Nuenenaar embezzled 3.1 million euros at Notarishuys, an initial inventory has shown. This concerns customer money that was held in a third-party account with the notary: temporarily stored money, for example for real estate transactions. Grabbing from an escrow account is considered a mortal sin, because it harms the confidence in the notarial profession.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Martijn


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