Eindhoven boas take action for higher wages

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The boas in the city will hand over a petition to the Eindhoven city council next Tuesday. The enforcers have been fighting for a number of weeks for higher wages.

Boas are investigative officers that have specific investigative powers. They may investigate whether certain criminal offenses have been committed. Boas may also arrest suspects, check identity, draw up official reports and issue fines. They work to provide a safe environment here in Eindhoven for both residents and visitors.

Instead of a strike that lasts for days, the boas have decided to hand over a petition. They plan to gather at Stadhuisplein and work will then be suspended for this day. The enforcers are demanding a 12 percent wage increase. Earlier in mid-November an offer of 8 percent over two years was made, but the officials refused.

Boa shortage in Eindhoven

It is remarkable that there is a wage dispute with the boas. There is a considerable shortage of boas in Eindhoven. The city wants to attract extra enforcers, but apparently wants to do so without implementing the desired wage increase. Currently there are 56 boas working in the city, by 2025, it is planned to have increased this to 66.

Source: Studio040

Translated and edited by: Shanthi Ramani

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