Diana collects aid for earthquake in Turkey

Angelo Giordano via Pixabay

Diana Veldpaus from Beek en Donk who herself lived for eight years in Adana, close to the affected region in Turkey, has started a fundraiser. The region was hit hard by two devastating earthquakes in quick succession on Monday. The images on TV were reason enough for her to set up a fundraising campaign. “From one moment to the next, those people lost everything.”

Diana watched the news Monday morning with her mouth open. “I was so shocked by those images.” She previously lived for eight years in Turkey, together with her then-husband. And although she has been back in Brabant for quite some time now, the disaster unleashed a lot.

“I know people don’t have much there,” she says. “And now suddenly they’ve lost everything, even clothes and it’s very cold there now. That hit me so much that I wanted to do something. But then, I can’t go there to help.”

“I’ve never been so busy with my phone.”

And so she decided to start a collection. “Mainly clothing, such as warm jackets, gloves, and scarves. But actually, anything that helps against the cold is welcome, such as duvets or fleece blankets.”

Tuesday morning Diana put her call online. It’s been growing ever since. “I have never been so busy with my phone as today. People keep calling who want to drop off stuff. There is even an entire school in Mariahout that has participated.”

“This force of nature… It’s terrible.”

For those still in doubt, Diana has a clear message. “I understand very well that the crisis in the Netherlands is also great. And that people here are sometimes left out in the cold. But this natural disaster … It really is awful.”

In the coming days, anyone who can spare something is very welcome to visit Beek en Donk. “This is possible until next Thursday. I will then bring the full proceeds to Helmond. Everything will go into the truck there and head straight to the disaster area.”

Do you have any warm clothes or blankets for Diana’s action? You can contact her on 06-51603844 or drop off the items at Smalleweg 31 in Beek en Donk.

Source: Omroepbrabant.nl

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