Brainport parties want to combat social problems in region

Dijsselbloem at New Horizon New Year's reception
Mayor Dijsselbloem at New Horizon Brainport's New Year's reception. Photo credit: Jacline de Kort

The high-tech region of Eindhoven is growing fast. So fast, in fact, that this is also leading to problems. Housing is threatening to become unaffordable and many people may not be able to keep up with the rapid economic growth. Companies, municipalities and civil society organisations in the region are therefore coming up with plans to counter this, Eindhoven Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem announced on Tuesday at the New Horizon reception.

Among others, the Brainport Partnerfonds (partner foundation), Impact040, Brainport Development, the municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond and Samen voor Eindhoven (together for Eindhoven) are going to join forces to work on a “social agenda”. More organisations in the region can start joining this.

No big deal
For example, the parties are going to help prevent employees from getting into debt or by combating low literacy, school dropout and poverty. Furthermore, a variety of funds should be brought together in addressing social problems in the region. “These issues are not a distant reality. These problems also occur among our and your employees”, Dijsselbloem said, addressing companies and social organisations in the Brainport Region.

Joining forces
The parties believe that much is possible if forces are combined. Companies possess knowledge, manpower and capital. In addition, the knowledge and skills of educational institutions, healthcare organisations and social organisations are important for the implementation of such a social Brainport agenda.

Dijsselbloem announces 'Brainport voor Elkaar'
Mayor Dijsselbloem announces ‘Brainport voor Elkaar’
Photo credit: Jacline de Kort

Dijsselbloem is confident that the ‘Brainport Voor Elkaar‘ (‘Brainport for each other’) agenda will be successful. “I know of no other region in our country where the business community is so willing to co-invest in order to make the most of the opportunities of our region. Whether it concerns accessibility, accelerating housing construction or making better use of the talents we need. 38 Organisations are already participating in ‘Brainport voor elkaar’ “.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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