‘Geese are severely mistreated at Eikenburg’

Geese mistreated at Eikenburg
Photo credit: Pixabay/Studio040

A large number of geese, who reside near the pond of Eikenburg estate, would suffer from stray dogs that would regularly attack and mistreat the birds.

According to Ouderen Appèl Hart voor Eindhoven (elderly appeal heart for Eindhoven, OAHvE), there are currently about nine geese staying at the estate. Previously there would have been more than three times as many geese, namely 29. Due to ‘massacres’ caused by stray dogs, the number of geese has decreased significantly, the group writes.

OAHvE therefore asked council questions about the situation at Eikenburg. Moreover, two weeks ago a goose was allegedly mistreated so badly that the animal had to be put out of its misery by a veterinarian.

Ouderen Appèl wants to know if the municipality can intervene, so that a further decline in the goose population at Eikenburg can be prevented.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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