Artist duo Studio Giftig in the race for the most beautiful mural in the world

Photo credit: Studio040

Who doesn’t know them: the Silly Walks in the bicycle tunnel at the Dommel, the gigantic portrait of Fresku on Strijp-S or the mural at the Philips Stadium. They are all the work of Veldhoven-based Studio Giftig. The artist duo is now in the race for the world’s most beautiful mural of the past year.

Kaspar van Leek and Niels van Swaemen, as the two are called in everyday life, have been nominated by Street Art Cities. They already won prizes on the same international platform in November with their Tilburg creation ‘Trashure’  and therefore automatically compete for the annual prize. “It’s great to receive recognition for your work”, says Niels enthusiastically. “The nomination means that people not only see our murals, but also appreciate them. That’s great”, Kasper adds.

From Eindhoven to Jordan

Studio Toxic competes for the prestigious prize with a total of one hundred works of art. A world of difference from how the duo fared fifteen years ago. “When we first started our company, we had to say yes to almost everything in order to earn money. We can now really choose whether a client and assignment suit us”.

The duo’s graffiti art has not only conquered the Eindhoven street scene, but can also be seen in other locations such as Tilburg and Jordan. With that Tilburg creation, they are now in the race for the most beautiful mural of the year. You can vote here.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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  1. Not that important, although Studio Giftig is Veldhoven-based not Eindhoven-based.
    And winning the prize with Trashure today!


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