Unique discovery on Stratumseind

Photo credit: Studio040

Hundreds of partying people walked past  a catering building on Stratumseind unsuspectingly for years. Understandable, because there is nothing to see from the outside. Yet, inside, a renovation contractor stumbled upon sections of a medieval wall.

The contractor called in construction historian Jan van der Hoeve, who immediately contacted cultural historian Bauke Hüsken, also a member of the Eindhoven heritage organisation Henri van Abbe Foundation. He rushed to the monumental building on Stratumseind ​​to see what makes this wall so special. He soon found out that the small wooden beams in between are very old.


These wooden planks, also called corbels, were used in the Middle Ages as support beams for the upper floor. Most houses used to need additional structural support, so the corbels were necessary.

In the past, the building on Stratumseind, with the building next to it, formed one dwelling. The wooden beams were probably on the façade of both houses.

The wall is said to have been built between the years 1300 and 1500. Hüsken suspects around 1350 because of the construction technique used. To date, no traces of this magnitude have been found from that time anywhere else in the city.


Earlier there were discussions about whether the old catering building should be demolished because it was no longer safe. After protests in the city, it was decided to renovate the building.

Now that this unique find has been made, it is necessary to look for ways to properly preserve it. The municipality has agreed to place glass plates in front of the wooden beams. In addition, Hüsken wants to place a plaque next to the beams. This should provide clarity and explanation to the people walking by. As soon as there is a suitable plan, the renovation can continue. The building will accomodate a restaurant and a number of homes.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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