Eindhoven aims to connect students and landlords through online platform ‘Hospi Housing’

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In an attempt to address the shortage in student housing, the municipality of Eindhoven, with the help of TU/e, Fontys and the Design Academy, have developed an online platform – ‘Hospi Housing’ – that connects students and landlords directly.

Previously, the municipality decided – in the context of the housing shortage – to make it easier for homeowners to rent out a room in the house, while they also live there themselves. Thanks to the scheme, landlords no longer have to apply for a permit for this.

One problem, however, was that landlords and students couldn’t find eachother. The online platform ‘Hospi Housing’ should change that. The platform searches and verifies people who want to rent out a room and want to take someone into their home. At the same time, the platform ensures that the students do not pay too much and have a safe place to live.

‘Making better use of space’

“With Hospi Housing we have a reliable partner for both students who are looking for a room and for hosts and host families who have a room available for a student,” says Mieke Verhees, alderman for Housing. “Through the platform, we are expanding the room offer for students and we are making better use of the existing living space in the city.”

Educational institutions

Hospi Housing must especially offer a solution for international students, for whom it is often even more difficult to find housing. The municipality of Eindhoven was the client for the development of the platform but collaborated with TU/e, Fontys and the Design Academy.

Fontys director Hans Nederlof says he is happy with the platform. “For many private individuals, ‘taking in’ a student at home is quite a big decision and the hospi housing support will certainly give extra help and assurance. I hope that more private individuals will want to take that step in order to realise more space for students living away from home. Our region benefits from this,” says Nederlof.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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