Man takes his airfryer on the train and bakes cheese soufflés

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December is traditionally the month to exhibit your cooking skills, but you can also exaggerate. Like the man who was baking cheese soufflés in an airfryer on a train near Tilburg on Tuesday afternoon. And yes, there are images of that.

The images were taken on Tuesday afternoon around half past six (dinner time) by Corrado Francke, a former intern of Omroep Brabant. Corrado was on the train from Dordrecht to Tilburg, where he lives.

Plate with napkin

“I was almost home, so I was listening to music and was a bit lost in my thoughts. But suddenly I smelled something strange. An airfryer. I looked up and saw some people smiling.”

Corrado looked to the left and yes, there he saw a large airfryer. “It was on a table, near  those benches where four passengers can sit.” Next to the airfryer was a man with a plate in his hand and a napkin on it.

Not much later he took a cheese soufflé from the airfryer. A true culinary Christmas wonder.

“I didn’t believe my eyes. Many travellers looked around uncomfortably, but they clearly found it entertaining as well. But yes, that man looked as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He was really enjoying that cheese soufflé.”

‘Thank you’

When Corrado had to get off at his stop, he wished the man a pleasant meal. “He looked straight ahead and said very dryly, ‘Thank you.’ The airfryer was still on, so I suspect it wasn’t done baking yet.”

Once home, Corrado himself also put on the airfryer, he says. “Well, it smelled good, it made me hungry. If he had had frikandellen with him, I would have asked him if I could have one myself.”


Source: Omroep Brabant

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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