‘Watersports can be safe in ‘t Gat van Waalre’

't Gat van Waalre
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There can be safe sports in ‘t Gat van Waalre. Surfers, canoeists and suppers should therefore be able to use the lake. This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by the Waalre city council.

In ‘t Gat van Waalre there is regularly a sewer overflow. At the same time, water sports are practiced there. Politicians therefore asked for an independent investigation to rule out whether or not it is responsible to surf, canoe, sail or supp. So the research now shows that it can be done safely.

Swimming is prohibited, however, because there is still a sewage overflow. Earlier, the city council indicated already that swimming is not responsible because of concrete and debris that can protrude. It also remains forbidden to sail with a motorboat in ‘t Gat van Waalre. According to the researchers, ‘this does not fit in with the use and experience of the lake’. Fishing with a permit and diving with an exemption remain allowed.

Information boards
The city council will soon consider the recommendations from the study. It is expected that the conclusions will be adopted. If so, the municipality will install new information signs at the lake. In addition, a warning light will be installed at one sign, on the boulevard. That light will be on when there has been an overflow from the sewer system.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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