Start of renovation of Van Maerlantlyceum: ‘It’s necessary’

Van Maerlantlyceum
Photo credit: Dirkje Blikman/Studio040

After years of discussion, the renovation of Eindhoven’s Van Maerlantlyceum has begun. To this end, an old part of the school building is now being demolished first. Students symbolically gave the starting signal.

The monumental building in the Stratum district is in need of renovation. After years of waiting, the time has finally come. Part of the building will be demolished, the monumental part will be refurbished. Classrooms will be larger and the insulation system will be improved. “We are really ready for it. The renovation is necessary”, acting rector Alexia Dirksen says.

Alderman Stijn Steenbakkers: “Since 1995, the municipality has had discussions with the school to renovate the building. Now we can finally start”. Because of the delay, the costs have risen considerably.

During demolition and renovation, high school students will temporarily be taught on Von Flotowlaan by the ring road. In 2024, the new Van Maerlantlyceum will be ready.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Bob
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