Hermes happy with boost for mobility: ‘Huge injection of quality’

Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Bus operator Hermes is pleased with the huge amount of money being put into mobility in the Eindhoven region. According to the public transport company, the money should bring about a major quality improvement.

“Yes of course we are happy about that”, a spokesman of Hermes let it be known. “Of course we already knew that big plans were in the works. But this is very good news, even if we are ultimately only the user of the facilities”.

Of the total €1.59 billion being poured into the region, a large amount will go to Eindhoven Neckerspoel bus station, which is going to be underground. The renovations of the bus station and train station will require some €800,000,000.

“It mainly means a quality boost”, Hermes informs. “And also if we can start running express bus lines to the HTC and ASML, that will be great”, the spokesman says.

Staff shortage
With that said, it is to be hoped that the improved infrastructure in the region, once built, can also be utilised to its full potential. This is because both Hermes and NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Dutch railways) are currently experiencing staffing problems.

“That is the case”, the transportation company confirms. “But despite this, we can maintain the current timetable well. It may happen sporadically that a ride cannot be executed due to lack of personnel. But we are recruiting in full force, and we see that that is beginning to bear fruit”.

Finally, NS also let it be known that it is happy with the investments of the government, and the additions from businesses. “In and around Eindhoven, some 62,000 homes will be built in the coming years and an additional 72,000 jobs are expected. With those numbers comes sustainable public transportation. We are pleased that investments are now being made in mobility and public transport to make this possible”, the train operator announced on its website.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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