Eindhoven to connect campuses

cycle path
The projected cycle path. Picture credit: Gemeente Eindhoven

The Municipality of Eindhoven is investing 2.6 million euros in the construction of a cycle path between the High Tech Campus and De Run business park, where ASML is located.

This should connect the two important economic hubs in the Brainport region for bicycle traffic. The ambition to build a cycle path between the campuses had been there for some time but was delayed due to objections.

The cycle path runs from Eindhoven to Veldhoven. The latter municipality had to defend the zoning plan for the construction of the cycle path in court. At the end of August, it made a ruling in favor of the municipality so that the Veldhoven part of the route can also be built.

The cycle route is to run from the HTC through the Hanevoet and via Hunenborg and Ulenplas under the A2 to De Run. To allow the cycle pass to run through the nature reserve, some trees will have to make way: a maximum of ten, the municipality thinks, seven of which are along De Dommel. The municipality will compensate this loss by planting trees elsewhere.

Rising costs

It is unclear how expensive the project will ultimately be. Due to the rapidly rising construction costs, this is difficult to estimate, according to the municipality of Eindhoven. The sooner construction of the cycle route can begin, the better. A final factor to take into account, however, is whether the public will raise any objections during the participation procedure.

To be on the safe side, the municipality has already factored in some cost increases. EUR 300,000 of the total EUR 2.6 million has been reserved for this purpose.

Source: Studio040

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