Hair cut off in protest: ‘We want freedom’

Picture credit- Rene van Hoof-Omroep Brabant

On Saturday hundreds of demonstrators gathered on 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven to speak out against the Iranian government. They carried signs and shouted slogans while one of the protesters cut her hair in protest. Together they drew attention to the inequality of women in Iran.

‘The Iranian regime is a murderer, get rid of the murderer!’ was heard loudly across the square on Saturday afternoon. Demonstrators had gathered there to support the women in Iran, reports Omroep Brabant. In that country, women fight for freedom and equality. Protests in Iran have been fierce since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. She was arrested for violating the women’s dress code and died in custody.

“If you don’t wear a headscarf, you’ll be killed there.”

In Eindhoven, the demonstrators wanted to support the Iranian women. “We are here for women’s freedom in Iran,” said one of the protesters. “If you don’t wear a headscarf, you will be oppressed, tortured and killed there. Enough is enough!” Another said she thinks the Dutch government should cut ties with Iran. “This is a criminal gang that commits crimes against humanity. The embassy of Iran must close!”

One of the protesters cut her hair in solidarity with the deceased young woman. “We want freedom. Not only for women but also for democratic ideas. The dictatorial regime must go.”

Translated by: Beena Arunraj


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