Eindhoven wants more government commitment to student housing

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Together with five other major cities, Eindhoven is now added to the National Student Housing Action Plan that the cabinet presented at the beginning of September.

Eindhoven, together with the large cities – the four cities of the Randstad and Groningen – want more attention to be paid to better coordination between the influx of students on the one hand and the available housing supply on the other.

Eindhoven also wants instruments and financial arrangements to be made quickly, so that more affordable housing can be created for students quickly. In addition, an instrument must be created so that the municipality can tackle high service costs. Finally, Eindhoven and the other five major cities want the system with rent allowances to be adjusted.

Housing shortage

The addition of the cities comes at a time when there is a huge housing shortage. In Eindhoven, this translated into many international students who became homeless. At the beginning of October there were protests in Lab-1.

TU/e also called on foreign students this summer not to come to Eindhoven if they had not found a room in August.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez


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