TU/e students living in Poppel? The mayor knows nothing about…


The Eindhoven TU/e ​​wants to grow by housing students in Poppel, Belgium. Board chairman Robert-Jan Smits would have already consulted with the mayor of the Belgian municipality of Ravels, which includes Poppel, various newspapers report. But the best man knows nothing yet…

“I was going to help Eindhoven to accommodate students? That’s new to me,” Walter Luyten, mayor of Poppel, says over the phone on Wednesday morning. While it is really stated in the papers (De Gelderlander, Eindhovens Dagblad, AD, Brabants Dagblad). Housing shortage or not, the TU wants to continue to grow, is the headline (in Dutch).

TU president Robert-Jan Smits speaks in the article. “For Americans, the journey from Weert or Sittard to Eindhoven is one metro stop further, so to speak. The mayors of Ravels (Poppel) and Turnhout were here on Friday. That is a half-hour drive from Eindhoven. We will see if they can help us in the field of student housing.”

TU/e has not yet responded with a substantive response to this. The university says it will provide an answer as soon as possible.

Source: Studio040

Translate: Ayşenur Kuran


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