Huygens Lyceum begins school year in new building

Huygens Lyceum
Photo credit: Studio040

The secondary schools in the region have started again. Also at the Huygens Lyceum in Eindhoven, where they start this year in a new building.

The new building on Von Flotowlaan is not quite finished yet, but already in use. “The students come in surprised”, rector Loes Corbeij says. “They are all used to a very old building. The light appeals to them very much.”

To get everyone used to the building, the students start with a scavenger hunt. “We’re still doing the scavenger hunt, but it’s not going very well”, one student says. “We can’t find it all”. It’s still a bit of a maze for the teachers too. “Students come to me to ask where they should go”, Ilse Bongers, mentor of a first grade class, says. “I often have no idea either, but it’s fun to experience that together”.

For the first-graders, the new building is not the only exciting thing about the school day. In fact, for them, everything is new. “I was nervous”, a young student says. “After all, I don’t know anyone in the class yet either. But I think it will be fine”. Another student is already starting to get used to it. “I was a bit nervous this morning, but I cycled with a buddy and then you laugh your nerves off”.

On Thursday, students will begin classes.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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