PvdA and SP concerned about rising energy costs community centres and sports clubs

Rising energy costs community centers and sports clubs Eindhoven
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There are considerable concerns about rising energy costs for sports clubs and community centres in Eindhoven. The local groups of PvdA (labour party) and SP (socialist party) are sounding the alarm about this. Both parties are asking the city council to do something about the situation.

The PvdA states that sports clubs in the city often cannot cope with the rising costs themselves. Raising membership fees is not an option either, the group says, because members are also faced with higher prices.

Emergency fund for sports clubs
The coalition party fears that the threshold to play sports will now become higher. The PvdA therefore wants the city council to address this problem nationwide. The Mayor and Aldermen in The Hague should also work hard to establish an emergency fund for sports clubs, so that associations can pay the energy bills again. On Wednesday evening, the party plans to submit a motion to that effect.

Community centres
The SP wants clarification about the situation at community centres. The opposition party is afraid that community centres will be squeezed by the high charges and may have to close their doors. The group therefore wants to know from the city council whether any community centres are about to fall over. Furthermore, SP asks whether previously promised aid money from the municipality is already received, and whether this is enough to keep the community centres open.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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