Persistent drought in Brabant

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Due to the persistent drought the Netherlands has been experiencing this Summer, there is now a shortage of fresh surface water. As such, the water company Brabant Water calls on people to use less water. Currently groundwater is used in our province for drinking water, so taps will not simply empty in the near future. “But using less water is necessary.”

Nevertheless, Brabant Water feels compelled to call on people to use water consciously. The company wants to improve the entire groundwater supply in this way. “Using less water is always better and that is especially true in this extremely dry and warm period.”

More demand for drinking water

The demand for drinking water increases on hot days. “That’s not because people drink more water, but because the water is used to water the garden, fill swimming pools and shower more often. If we are more aware of this, everyone can help to save more water.”

The drought is caused by a lot of evaporation on hot days. The supply of water from foreign rivers, on the other hand, is low.

50,000 liters of water per person

Figures from the company show that people from Brabant use an average of 50,000 liters of water per person per year at home. Most of the water goes to showering, which is about 70 liters at a time. Another 33 liters per day disappear into the toilet after flushing.

The third major water consumer is the washing machine. That is about 54 liters per wash that you run. In the summer, a large amount is added. 2000 liters of water go into an inflatable bath and every 15 minutes that the sprinkler is on you use 100 liters.


Source: Omroep Brabant

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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