Eindhoven Maker Faire 2022

Eindhoven Makerfaire

The Eindhoven Maker Faire is coming back in September. Eindhoven News as partners of Eindhoven Makerfaire will bring you regular updates. 

On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September, the Eindhoven Maker Faire will celebrate its ninth edition. The organization has plans to involve the city centre in the largest DIY festival in Benelux.

You can expect creative installations, R2D2 robots, cosplayers and more than a hundred makers and many workshops on the Stadhuisplein during the last weekend of September. The Eindhoven Maker Faire is THE place for makers to demonstrate their newest discoveries, and creative solutions and interact with the public. The festival makes these projects visible and offers original ideas a stage.

Not only the Stadhuisplein bursts of creativity, various other locations in the city such as the library, the Philips Museum and shopping centre the Heuvel organize fun activities. Shoppers will be treated to the famous Eindhoven Crazy Parade which is a festive parade of robots, cosplayers and other special vehicles that move through the centre during that weekend.


With the theme: Take the Future in Your Hands – we literally put creative social resilience in the spotlight. Today’s reality presents many challenges that call on our adaptability, talent and knowledge to come up with new things. For many challenges, Makers find solutions that are surprisingly sustainable and effective, and often affordable and disarmingly simple.

Ticket sales

You can buy your tickets for the Eindhoven Maker Faire online via: https://eindhoven.makerfaire.com/en/en-homepagina/

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