More space at Eindhoven Airport for travellers from outside Europe

Eindhoven Airport
Photo credit: Studio040/ Eindhoven Airport

With the expansion of the terminal, Eindhoven Airport will have more space to help people from outside Europe. Money is needed for that expansion. The airport, therefore, is in the process of securing a possible loan of 55 million euros with the province. 

The entire investment program for the airport consists of around 170 million euros. The airport can claim a flexible loan of 75 million euros from market parties. But those parties are not enthusiastic about a long-term loan. The remaining 55 million euros must therefore come from the province of Noord-Brabant.

That loan has a term of twenty years – something that, at current rates, will generate around 17 million euros in interest income for the province. The airport expects to be able to contribute the remaining 40 million from its own investment program.

‘Attractive Region’

The expansion of the terminal is necessary to allow the current number of passengers to travel more comfortably. The current terminal is too small for that. That is why the terminal must grow from 26,000 square meters to 36,000 square meters. A good airport also contributes to the attractiveness of the region as an area to live, work and do business, in the opinion of the province of Noord-Brabant.

In addition, there must be more space for travellers from outside the Schengen zone – the area in Europe within which people can move freely and where – normally – there are no border controls.


Those non-Schengen travellers must be checked with a different system. Instead of entry and exit stamps, a registration procedure that will take up more time and space.


This does not mean that Eindhoven Airport expects to welcome more non-Schengen travellers. There are no plans to offer intercontinental flights from the airport, for example. Therefore, plans from 2017 to fly to Curaçao, Aruba, or Bonaire are not taken out of the fridge.

After all, the airport has already reached its maximum number of flight movements per year. Flights to the US, India and China, which would cater to the wishes of the expat community, will not become an option either, despite the planned expansion.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ayşenur

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