Baby Dex is the 240,000th resident of Eindhoven

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During this past April, Rita van Happen was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. She could not have imagined then that the birth of Dex would go down in the Eindhoven history books. Her Dex is the 240,000th resident of Eindhoven.

This became evident after a phone call from the municipality of Eindhoven. “I wondered why the municipality was calling. Then they informed me that Dex was the 240,000th resident, which is really great,” says mother Rita with a smile on her face.

That milestone was reason to invite Dex van Happen, mother Rita and his grandparents to town hall on Wednesday. There they were received by Mayor Jorritsma and the press. “I thought we would have a cup of coffee with the mayor. I didn’t expect it to be so big.”

From Jorritsma, Dex and Rita received a certificate, a cape and some goodies. But where was the father in this whole story? “He wanted to be there, but had a motorcycle holiday planned.”

City growth

The city of Eindhoven seeks to grow to 300,000 inhabitants in the coming years. Due to the economic growth of the region, many people are moving to Eindhoven from the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, houses are being built in more places to accommodate the influx of new inhabitants and potential growth of the generations to come; only four years ago Jorritsma welcomed the 230,000th inhabitant.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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