ANWB: filling jerry cans in Belgium or Germany can get you a fine

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A considerably lower tax on petrol and diesel ensures that people from Brabant refuel en masse in Belgium and Germany. You can easily get to Essen from Rosendaal, and Goch is only a short drive from Bomeer. You can fill up your car, but anyone who fills jerry cans with fuel must pay excise duty on it in the Netherlands and it is also dangerous, the ANWB warns.

The petrol or diesel in your jerry can is seen as reserve fuel and you have to pay excise duty on it. Formally, you must file a declaration. If you are caught, you can get an additional levy and fine on crossing the border.

The ANWB has another reason to be sceptical about filling jerry cans: according to the organization for traffic and tourism, it is dangerous. “Don’t do it,” a spokesman said.

Moving bomb
“It is allowed, but it is not safe. They are dangerous substances. There is a risk of fire. Storing fuel in sheds is dangerous and can cause spillage when pouring over. Spills cause environmental damage. Nothing has to go wrong, but you are a moving bomb if you drive around with full jerry cans.”

The law does not prohibit it, but unlimited fuel is not allowed. “You can take 240 litres in 60-litre jerry cans that have been specially approved for fuel transport.”

Source :Omroep Brabant

Translated by : Shanthi Ramani

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