Spilcentrum Eckart must become the social heart of the neighbourhood

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From toddlers to seniors of the local billiards association, the neighbourhood residents should soon be able to go to the Eckart pivot centre. It is located on the corner of Kosmoslaan and Airbornelaan. Construction of the pivot centre officially started on Thursday.

In the autumn of 2023, the building that will house the SKPO Gemini primary school and Billies daycare centre should be ready.

Suitable Location

The first pile was driven into the ground today. This brings the search for a suitable location to an end after more than ten years. Several places were shot down because the building land was too expensive. Sometimes, construction was prohibited due to high-voltage lines.

End of the long wait

The first pile was driven into the ground today, under the watchful eye of alderman Stijn Steenbakkers, SKPO director Peter Tijs, director Moniek van Rooij, Linda de Jong of daycare centre Billies and a few children. This was a primary school for a  longer time, according to director Moniek van Rooij. The building meets the requirements. But, SKPO primary school Tweelingen was in two locations. One in Vaartbroek and the other in Eckart. So, as soon as the children made the transition from the lower to the upper school, they had to go to a different location. “Parents suddenly had to take their children to another building a kilometre away,” the director explains the situation. That is now coming to an end. “We are really happy with it. The fight for this school is really big. We are very happy that construction has now started.”

Heart of the neighbourhood

The Eckart pivotal centre will become a place where the very youngest children of primary school age can go. Though 270 children will move into the new location there is room for 300 children. In addition, it is the intention that the pivot centre will have a function in the neighbourhood. Like, the gym is rented out after school to the local billiards association. In addition, possibilities such as a speech therapist’s office are also considered. The building is not expected to be ready until autumn of 2023.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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