Vonderkwartier wants green and car-free Mauritsstraat

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Traffic on Vonderweg – Mauritsstraat – Edenstraat stretch is becoming more and more problematic, according to the Vonderkwartier district association. The chairman calls on the negotiating political parties to do something about it quickly.

While the new municipality coalition is still taking shape, the recommendations both urgent and less urgent are piling up. Vonderkwartier’s appeal can be put into the first category.

“We made this known to the municipality as early as 1989 in our so-called bottleneck memorandum”, neighbourhood association chairman, Oscar Vinck, says. At the time, it was about the difficulties of crossing Mauritsstraat. The measures taken at that time were not sufficient, according to Vinck.

And that is simply because of the amount of traffic on the route, according to Vinck. “There are as many cars, buses and lorries driving along Mauritsstraat as there are on Kennedylaan or Dr Dorgelolaan within the ring road”, he says. Maybe it’s because people prefer to avoid the ring. Besides the Vonderkwartier, also De Bergen, Schrijversbuurt and Den Elzent suffer from this traffic nuisance.

Air quality and traffic situations
According to Vinck, the problems have only increased because of the measures on  Emmasingel – measures that in themselves are applauded by the neighbourhood association. Nevertheless, the traffic nuisance results in poor air quality and dangerous situations. Consultations with officials of the Municipality of Eindhoven have not yet led to the desired result, reports Vinck.

Green and traffic-free
The route around Mauritsstraat must therefore become green and low-traffic, according to the chairman of the neighbourhood association. The association wants to encourage the negotiating political parties to include the issue in their negotiations.

“If we do not see sufficient concrete agreements in the negotiating agreement to address this issue, we will be forced to launch a citizens’ initiative. We hope that this will not be necessary”, said Oscar Vinck.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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  1. Recently I moved to Mauritsstraat and I can tell you it’s still too noisy. A lot of cars with laud exhausts make tremendous noise all through the day and night. Nobody respects the 30kmph speed limit and quiet hours.
    It is hard to divert the traffic but to install a couple of speed cameras it is not.
    Also what is the deal with such tolerance towards extremely loud exhausts??? Ban them ASAP!!!
    So, Mauritsstraat needs only one investment basically – speed camera.


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