On land, at sea and in the air: Eindhoven celebrates May holiday

People on holiday again
Photo Credit: 't Dekske/ Studio040

Eindhoven citizens are going on holiday again. After two years of corona measures, the bustle at Eindhoven Airport is back to normal.

Eindhoven Airport
The people waiting for their plane are in a good mood. They can go on holiday again. “After two years, it was time to go abroad again”, one traveller says. “It’s exciting, but I’m really looking forward to it”.

Not everyone goes abroad, even though it is possible again. At campsite ‘t Dekske (the little roof) in Wintelre it is full. “I think people like to just be outside and have the freedom”, owner Marja Geven says. The last two years, they also had a lot of visitors, with many people celebrating their holidays in their own country because of travel restrictions. But still, the campsite is almost full again now. “I think we have built up a good reputation in recent years”.

Boat holiday
The campsite is not the only place where people celebrate holidays in their own country. At the Eindhoven harbour, people prepare their boats for a trip. “We repaired a hole today, and tomorrow we will leave”, someone says. “There is nothing as slow as a sailing boat, very soothing”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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