Kruisstraat in party mood through ‘Suikerfeest’

Eid al Fitr in Eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

On Kruisstraat in Oud-Woensel, Muslims are excitedly preparing for the Suikerfeest (sugar festival), or ‘Eid Al Fitr’.

Barber shop Pasha is very busy. Many men want their hair cut before the ‘Suikerfeest’ starts. “You see a lot of friends and family after a long time and you want to look good”, the barber says. At Antep Tatlisi bakery, many people come to get their baklava on Monday. “We have already sold about a hundred trays”, the baker says. “Baklava is part of the Suikerfeest. When you have fasted for a month you crave a lot of sugar”.

Besides eating, it is also a celebration of family visits, new clothes, donating to charity and giving presents to the children. “I have had money and soon we will do something fun, because I have fasted the whole month”, a boy with a beaming face says.

The people are especially happy that the feast can be celebrated exuberantly again, as it was in the old days. In the past two years, much was not possible because of corona. “I am very happy that my family can come from Germany”, a young woman says. “It takes some getting used to, I notice that I still elbow people now and then”, a young man, who is getting his hair cut, says. “But I think it’s very nice that we can see everyone again. I think everyone is going to make it a really big party”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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