HTC tests first autonomous drones

Autonomous Drones , Picture credit :

On Monday, five autonomous drones will be tested at the High Tech Campus. The drones are to be used for multiple purposes.

Early in 2021, Studio040 looked ahead from the HTC to the deployment of the drones. About one and a half years later, the first tests will make this deployment a reality.

The first test focuses on campus security. Drones are used to guard the campus and assist security staff. In the second trial, drones will be used to monitor, scan and inspect buildings. In this way, the drones will help assess whether a building needs maintenance.

The other three tests are about delivery. They are about delivery of meals and parcels. But they can also be used to deliver Automatic External Defibrilators (AEDs). The project is funded by the European Union.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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