Eindhoven region has largest share of expats on housing market

House sales Eindhoven
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Figures from the Dutch Real Estate Association (NVM) reveal Eindhoven as the leader in the expat housing market. Rapid developments and of course, the domination of the tech sector is the main driver of this interest. 

Veldhoven is relatively the most popular city in the Netherlands for expats. In 2020, nearly ten percent of houses there were sold to expats. Eindhoven, with just over seven per cent, stands in fifth place. Real estate agent Debbie Mels also sees which homes expats often choose: “It is mainly young families who are looking for a sustainable and ready-to-move-in home.”

A slight advantage for expats is that they pay thirty per cent less income tax for the first five years. “As a result, they often have a little more extra money available for the purchase of a home,” says Mels. In addition, more than half of the expats use a purchase broker. The Dutch only do this in sixteen percent of the cases.

Not a threat
But according to Mels, the Dutch do not have to be afraid that expats will ‘hijack’ the houses. Ninety percent of all houses are still sold to non-expats. In addition, research shows that expats do not overbid in this region at all.” Moreover, the expats cannot be blamed. “They are simply looking for sustainable and ready-to-move-in homes. More such homes should simply be built faster in our region.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha


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