TU/e develops heat battery that works with the help of salt

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Photo Credit: Alain Heeren/ Studio040/ TU Eindhoven

Kudos to researchers at the TU Eindhoven who think they have found a solution to get more houses off gas: a heat battery that works with the help of salt and water vapour. Amazingly, in the Netherlands, 3.5 million households could benefit from it.

The battery can be charged in places where there is a lot of residual heat, such as in power plants. Later it can be used in homes or offices. That is what Professor of Applied Physics Olaf Adan says. The first pilot project will soon start in Sittard.

No heat loss

By adding heat, the water evaporates and you bake the salt dry. “As long as no water gets to this dry salt powder, the heat remains stored in it. Unlike other types of heat storage, nothing is lost,” Adan tells EditieNL.


According to the professor, the new heat battery has three major advantages. “It’s greener than other solutions, it’s much cheaper – salt is readily available – and it is much faster. We don’t have to lay pipes and the heat we use is already there because it’s residual heat.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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  1. I think in the future they brew salt water like alcohol I suspect you use the alcohol to alkaline the salt water making a liquid battery then you have liquid battery gas station and it would be organic unless you synthesis the ingredients


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