D66 and PvdA happy with intended coalition, VVD disappointed

D66 and PvdA are happy, VVD disappointed
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Joy and disappointment were close together at the presentation of the intended Eindhoven coalition for the next four years. D66 and PvdA are delighted, GroenLinks is satisfied, and CDA is still keeping a low profile. The VVD, which may have to give up the plush seat, is “fed up”.

“This opinion does justice to the election results and the task at hand. These intended coalition parties are four large parties, with sufficient basis in Eindhoven. We can bridge the existing differences,” responds Rik Thijs, foreman of the largest party GroenLinks.

“Soundly Progressive”

D66 and PvdA are also satisfied. D66 sat in the opposition benches for the past four years, and may now be able to change that. “In a coalition, you can realize more of your own program. This coalition does justice to the election results, it is more progressive and ambitious in the field of climate,” says D66 party chair Jorien Migchielsen. PvdA colleague Mieke Verhees: “This recommendation pleases us. We fit well together in terms of content. It’s great that we can participate again.”

CDA still hesitant

The fourth intended coalition party, the CDA, is still cautious. Unlike D66 and PvdA, CDA party chairman Remco van Dooren is not yet immediately enthusiastic about the new coalition. “We are going to study the informant’s advice. We first want to discuss it with the group, then we can respond substantively.”

After the election results, speculation quickly arose about a much more progressive course in Eindhoven. There was talk of a coalition with newcomers Volt and the Party for the Animals. Thijs: “Could it have been more progressive? Yes, that was possible. But with this coalition, there will also be a different sound than in recent years, with D66 now joining and without the VVD. With D66 we can take more steps when it comes to climate and equality of opportunity.” Migchielsen also sees possibilities. “We can achieve a lot with these four. And the CDA also gets a bit more progressive.”


It was the informant’s advice that disappointed VVD. “We had hoped, and also thought, that we would once again be allowed to participate in government. We are still the second party. This is a huge disappointment. It would have been really good for the city if we had been there,” says party chairman Lex Janssen. “So we should already start getting used to a role in opposition benches in the coming years.”

Small parties

A number of small opposition parties are already curious about the plans the new coalition parties will soon come up with. “There must be plans to assist the weak in the city. I don’t know if that is in good hands with these four. I will therefore start knocking on the aldermen’s doors more often, if necessary,” said Dré Rennenberg of the Elderly Appeal. “We can’t complain, with a large GreenLeft and also PvdA and D66. Those parties will have to start pointing out to the CDA the importance of an ambitious climate policy,” emphasizes Party for the Animals party chair Virginia Jonkers.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.


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