Eindhoven gives 50 euros a week to Ukrainian refugees

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The municipality of Eindhoven started giving 50 euros in cash to around four hundred Ukrainian refugees in the city on Wednesday.

The money from The Hague that has been promised is still pending. Eindhoven is one of the first municipalities to start distributing living allowances themselves. Until now, this has been done in cash, but the municipality will soon switch to a system with cards on which the credit is uploaded.

Last Wednesday was the first time that the living allowance was distributed; the municipality expects to receive even more registered refugees before next Wednesday. In total, there are currently about 700 Ukrainians in Eindhoven, the municipality thinks. It is slightly more difficult for refugees who stay at private addresses to receive the living allowance because they first have to register at the town hall.

Source:  Studio040

Translated by: Vesna

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