Opposition wants emergency debate on Eindhoven asphalt plant

Asphalt factory
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The SP (socialist party), Ouderen Appèl (elderly party), Mary-Ann Schreurs and 50Plus have requested an interpellation debate on the environmental permit that the asphalt factory on De Hurk has received.

According to the submitting group, this is inadequate. According to the parties, Asfaltcentrale Eindhoven (ACE) could be encouraged to emit far less benzene than it does now. Residents have been concerned for some time about the harmful substances that the plant emits.

Earlier, the city council announced, through Councillor for the Environment Rik Thijs, that the company’s new environmental licence would include the application of the ‘Best Existing Techniques’ (BAT). This would require the company to use the latest and best techniques to combat benzene emissions.

A month later, it was reported that the current procedure could not meet this requirement, to the displeasure of the SP, OAE, Mary-Ann Schreurs and 50Plus. The groups announced that an ‘ex officio procedure’ would be started. This procedure would take some more time, but it would enable BAT to be enforced after all.

Better techniques
Finally, the groups say that there are enough known techniques to reduce the benzene emissions from the asphalt plant significantly. For example, the Rotterdam asphalt plant has had a machine in operation for ten years that enables asphalt to be produced in a cleaner and cheaper way.

Interpellation is a heavier political means to obtain information from the Mayor and Aldermen about a topical and sensitive subject. Before such an urgent debate can take place, a large proportion of the municipal council must agree to it.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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