No recount in Eindhoven despite ‘disturbances at polling stations’

City election provisional results 2022

In Eindhoven, there will be no recount of votes after last week’s municipal elections. Several official reports were received about ‘abuses’ at the polling stations, but the Central Voting Bureau has decided that there are insufficient grounds to proceed with a recount.

This became clear on Monday morning during a meeting about this at the town hall. Denk had called for a recount. The opposition party is a handful of votes short of a seat on the Eindhoven city council for another four years.


“Dozens of irregularities have been reported, at various polling stations in the city,” says¬† Denk leader Murat Yalcin. “For example, one voter cast their ballot three times, one polling station opened late and one helper went home while the votes were being counted. At one polling station, a group of darts players entered the premises noisily, which disrupted the counting process.”

Seat distribution

After these signals, there was consultation behind the scenes on Monday morning, to see if a recount would be necessary. The verdict afterwards was clear. “The Central Voting Bureau does not suspect that these incidents have influenced the final distribution of seats in Eindhoven,” said Mayor John Jorritsma.

The distribution of seats therefore remains the same as was already established last Thursday evening. The last change turned out to be an additional seat for Volt, and Denk leaving the city council. GroenLinks is by far the largest party in the city.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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