Rising food and energy prices worry aid agencies

Aiding organisations in Eindhoven, Source: Studio040

Food and energy prices have risen sharply in recent weeks. Various poverty organisations in the region have noticed this in the demand for help. “More people are knocking on our door than usual, and the real influx is yet to come.”

Figures from the CBS show that an average household consumes 2,800 euros worth of energy per year. That is 1,321 euros more than a year earlier. This amounts to an increase of 86 percent.

The municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo is trying to cushion the increase by giving tenants a 70 euro voucher to spend on energy-saving products. The municipality of Eindhoven is investing six million euros in getting the Generalenbuurt-Zuid off gas. This decision was taken after the sharp increase in gas prices.

No man overboard

At Stichting Leergeld in Eindhoven, they are taking account of the wave of new people. Chairperson Hannie Jacobs says: “It’s certain to get busier. It’s going to be very heavy.” According to Jacobs, however, there is no man overboard when the numbers increase. “We can always fall back on the municipality and sponsors.

Extra rush

The Food Bank in Geldrop has also noticed that it is getting busier. Some people are coming back after having been out of the picture for a while. There is also an increase in the number of new registrations”, says chairperson Marianne Hoevenaars. The organisation therefore hopes that there is still enough food available to give away. It is of course always a challenge to ensure enough food comes in; the extra rush doesn’t make it any better.

Silence before the storm

At Steunpunt Uitkeringen in Eindhoven, they have not yet noticed the increase in numbers. Around this period there is always a rush. But we do expect that if poverty does indeed increase, more people will need help. Then there will automatically be more people who want to apply for benefits”, says a spokesperson.

The organisations cannot give any exact estimates of the increase in demands for help.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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