‘Brainport companies must start contributing to the social region’

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Due to the main port status that the Brainport Region has been given, a lot of state money will become available for the region in the coming years, GroenLinks (green left party) and PvdA (labour party) say. The parties have their own ideas about how that money should be spent.

For this purpose, the parties have drawn up six spearheads for Eindhoven and peripheral municipalities. Investments should be made in public housing, greenery, and quality of life. And – not unimportantly – the business community in the region must do its bit.

For affordable housing, climate change and working conditions, the companies in the Brainport Region have to contribute something extra. “Large companies help pay for the housing of their employees,” reads the manifesto.

And: “Large companies reduce their emissions significantly for a liveable planet and clean air. In addition, the parties want a quota for permanent jobs at large companies. This is to narrow the large differences in employment conditions between different sectors. The municipality must also be more generous with social security in order to combat poverty and debts”.

The PvdA and GroenLinks have their own ideas about how the business community’s contribution to the tax must be made. “We put the contribution in a Brainport Fund, which we use to realise the goals of our Brainport Bid”. If the companies do not want to make a voluntary contribution, “local tax instruments”, should be used for that.

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Bob

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