Basketball players Heroes Den Bosch lose cup final

The basketball players of Heroes Den Bosch did not manage to win the cup final. They lost to Donar. The home team won in Groningen with a score of 76-71.

The final was exciting until the last moment. For a long time, they went head to head. With only five minutes before the end  the score was still a draw (69-69). Then Donar took a small lead. Their desire to catch up as soon as possible prompted the Den Bosch side to make a number of minor mistakes that Donar exploited relentlessly.

Before the end, Den Bosch had the chance to equalize at the score of 74-71, but a three-pointer by Austin Price did not go in.

The Den Bosch top scorer was Austin Price with 21 points, Edon Maxhuni scored 19 points.

In Martiniplaza, a crowd of 4100 watched the game, with over 400 from Den Bosch. The last time Den Bosch won the cup was in 2016.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Vesna

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