Online voting analyser (Stemwijzer) for Eindhoven elections launched

Municipal elections
Photo credit: Stemwijzer Eindhoven/Studio040

Stemwijzer (Voting analyser) was launched on Tuesday to help voters decide on their vote. The website shows the action points of the municipality and the stand of the various political parties on diverse subjects. The most important aspect is that the Stemwijzer is available in English and Dutch.

The StemWijzer contains thirty statements on various topics that the municipality is concerned with, such as separating waste, house building, a car-free centre, free parking at shopping centres, or the expansion of Eindhoven.

The options are ‘disagree’, ‘agree’ or ‘neither’. The survey looks at similarities between the opinion of the person taking the survey and that of the political parties.¬†Ultimately, a party with the most similarities emerges.

For each statement, every party renders a small piece of explanation for their choice. You can also read that in the survey. In this way, the user of the StemWijzer can find out what is going on in the municipality and what the parties think about it.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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