Richard from Veldhoven seeks new owner for his zoo

Zoo Veldhoven
Photo credit: Omroep Brabant/Studio040

Richard Loomans from Veldhoven has been the owner of Zoo Veldhoven for nine years. Only, with pain in his heart, he is going to stop working at the zoo, he tells the NOS (Dutch national broadcast service). That is why he is looking for a new owner for the 2000 animals in the park.

It is not cheap to take over Richard’s zoo. You have to pay €5 million for the whole plot plus all the residents. Richard chooses to stop now because of his age. “I am 56 now and it is better to find a replacement now than when I am 80. That will still take a very long time but I’d better find someone now”.

He is really looking for a good successor for the zoo. “Certainly someone who is good for the animals. I’m here every day and that’s what I’m looking for in my successor”. Richard bought the zoo himself 9 years ago.

The park is home to some 2,000 animals. “Most of them are parakeets, parrots and birds of prey. We also have other animals such as camels, ring-tailed lemurs and flamingos. Basically a little bit of everything”.

According to the estate agent, many calls have already come in but the right successor has not yet been found.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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