‘Oliebollenkraam’ comes with Eindhoven variant

Photo credit: Oliebollenkraam Blixembosch/Studio040

Leroy ten Teije, owner of the ‘oliebollenkraam’ (donut stall) in Blixembosch district, has invented a new bun, the Eindhoven Berliner roll. It is a cake filled with vanilla pudding and a vanilla liqueur and he called it the Eindhovens Gloeiertje (Eindhoven glower).

The ‘oliebol’ (donut) is then dipped in red chocolate. Leroy has already received many positive reactions to his creation. However, not everyone expects that there is alcohol in an ‘oliebol’. “One customer then decides not to buy it, while the other customer comes back the next day asking whether he can just have two shots of the Eindhovens Gloeiertje”, Ten Teije says.

New measures

Ten Teije will not get large orders of about sixty or seventy oliebollen now because of the lockdown. Yet even, oliebollen are being sold, including his new red-and-yellow creation. “I have more small orders, but ultimately they do not compensate for the loss that I am incurring due to the corona crisis”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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