New animal shelter ‘Roze’ is looking for second-hand items

Animal shelter
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The new animal shelter called ‘Roze’ (regional shelter stray animals) on Kanaaldijk-Noord, Eindhoven will open its doors on January 1. Before then, the shelter is trying to collect as much second-hand stuff as possible for the animals.

The ‘wish list’ of the animal shelter is extensive and includes tinned food, dog baskets, scratching posts, tea towels and drinking bottles for rabbits. Director René Bartels told Studio040 that the shelter has enough equipment though to take care of animals from 1 January.

“We know that there are always people who have stuff left over from pets they have had. People like to donate such stuff, fellow shelters are open to that too,” Bartels informed. “We are not a profit-seeking institution, so anything we don’t have to purchase ourselves is a bonus. But of course there is a budget for the basic stuff we need that is not donated.”

Starting empty
“In addition, we start empty,” says Bartels. “We have agreed with Animal Welfare (‘Dierenbescherming’) that animals that are elsewhere will stay there. So it won’t be very full from the first day, that way we can also gradually see what we need in terms of stuff.”

Catching and castrating
In other areas, too, the tasks will remain divided between the new shelter and the Animal Welfare until October 2022. “Until October, the Animal Welfare will be concerned with catching stray animals that cause a nuisance. They will also castrate or sterilize the animals in question and then release them again,” Bartels informed Studio040.

In addition, Animal Welfare will continue to carry out crisis shelter until October, Bartels adds. “Animals belonging to people who have been evicted from their homes, for example, or have to go to prison, or animals that have been seriously abused or neglected, will continue to go to the Animal Welfare Service for the time being.”

Building quality
“That way we have the opportunity to set everything up properly here. Especially for the care of neglected animals specific quality and knowledge is needed. Because the Animal Welfare will still be performing that task in the first part of 2022, we have the opportunity to get that knowledge in-house and build that quality,” Bartels said.

Source: Studio040

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